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Welcome to this short video on High Yield Investment or Interest Programs abbreviated as HYIP.

Attention, you are about to be introduced to the inside secrets of the rich and famous.  You will be able to participate, even if you do not have money, by giving away this information.

If you had an opportunity to purchase two million dollars of tooth paste for one million dollars, and you knew you could immediately sell it for two million dollars, would you do it?

Of course, you would, if you had the initial million dollars.  If you do not have the initial million, you could get investors to help you.  You might offer them half of your earnings for their investment.  You would be selling the information on where they could double one million dollars into two million.  The MONEY is not important, the access to the TRADE is important.

Can you imagine how important this information is?  The fact that you can double your money in a short period of time, can change your life quickly.

As example, if you have $1, bought two pencils at $0.50 each and sold them for $1 each on the street in an hour, you would have doubled your $1 in an hour. 

If you have enough customers on the street, you could do this, as example, in 10 hours.  The first hour you have $2, the second hour $4, then $8, $16, $32, $64, $128, $256, $512, and finally $1024 in ten hours

This is called compounding, and you multiplied your initial $1 into over $1000 in ten hours.

What if I told you that it is possible to double your money in 90 days and you could reduce the time by one day for each person who commits the same amount? 

In other words, you might have $1000 and want to double it to $2000 in 90 days.  But you have 90 people who want to do the same thing.  You could reduce the 90 days to ONE day therefore doubling your money in ONE day.  Others can tell others, so you do not need to find 90 people personally.

Your head should be spinning by now with all the possibilities. 

How would you like to cover your recurring bills in just a matter of months?

How much would your life change, if your car or house payment were made for you?

How fast could you take that dream vacation?

You can start right now by joining our marketing program for free.  We sell advertising in eBooks and on websites. 

When others read the material, like our High Yield Interest Program (HYIP), they may purchase advertising from you or even join a HYIP you are involved in, which could shorten the time to double your asset.

Marketing a program like this is simple.  Just ask one or two of the following questions.

  1. Do you know anyone who would like to double their assets in 90 days?
  2. Do you know anyone who would like to eliminate a long term monthly recurring bill in four months?

If they respond negative move on to another subject.  Do not waste your time.  If they respond positive or ask questions, then send them to the sample HYIP website.

If this site interests them and they really want to get involved, send them to TheProject retail site and have them register.  Do not send anyone to a “real” HYIP site who has not registered with you in order to document THEY requested the HYIP information.

If they have a LOT of questions, send them to the coded HYIP information website or have them download the eBook so they can learn at their own pace.

If they are ready to get started, send them your HYIP eBook with your coded link at the top of every page linking to your HYIP.  Sign them up immediately, even before they pay or have bitcoin.  You have a couple of days for them to get their bitcoin.  Then follow instructions on enrollment to set up their accounts and wallets.

What are you waiting for?  Every day you wait is one lost day not living your dream.  Stop complaining you never have time to get around to it.  Here is your round TUIT, now do it.


This video is for demonstration purposes to represent the type of video you would encounter on a HYIP website. Once again, we do not recommend any particular HYIP and any numbers presented are for demonstration purposes.

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